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Mohamed Benchaaboun

The Mohammed VI Investment Fund was established following the High Instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI contained in the Throne Speech of 29 July 2020 and the speech addressed to the Parliament on 9 October 2020.

The Fund’s primary objective is to catalyze investment, using its equity and through the mobilization of significant national and international funding.

The Fund aims to support major infrastructure projects through public-private partnerships and strengthen the capital of companies in need of equity in order to contribute to their development and help creating jobs.

The Fund places environmental, social and governance issues at the heart of its mission and adopts the best international standards in terms of management and responsible investment.


A Sovereign Fund, accelerator of economic, social and environmental
development, through the promotion of productive investment


Double bottom line

The Fund seeks in its investments both a financial return and an economic, social and environmental impact.


The Fund focuses on investments that are not or poorly covered by private financing in order to generate additionality (long term horizon, patient capital, project preparation, high ESG standards, etc).

Multiplier Effect

The Fund aims to mobilize significant private financing to leverage the equity invested. It acts as a pioneer by de-risking some investments and bringing in private investors


Joint-stock company (société anonyme) with an initial share capital of MAD 15
billion (c. 1.5 billion US dollars), fully owned by the State, governed by law
n°76-20 of 31 December 2020 and decree 2.21.67 of 19 February 2021.


The Fund is a Moroccan “société anonyme” company with a Board of Directors and two specialized committees: (i) Audit Committee and (ii) Strategy and Investment Committee

The Fund’s Board of Directors is composed of the Minister of Finance (Chairman), six (6) ministerial departments’ representatives and four (4) independent members

The Board of Directors defines the general orientations of the Fund and carries out the appropriate controls

The Strategy and Investment Committee is fundamental to the governance of the Fund, especially in terms of investment and divestment policy

The Audit Committee monitors, among others, the areas of financial reporting, internal control, statutory audit of the annual accounts and independence of the statutory auditors


Contribute, alongside national and international partners, to the financing and support of major investment projects and companies operating in strategic areas



Ensure investors and public confidence

Ethics, Ccompliance
and sustainability

Adherence to the best ethical practices


Independent and competent management team

Risk management

Continuous and rigorous monitoring and control

Strategic targets

Enhance Moroccan compagnies ability to invest and create jobs

Help Moroccan compagnies become regional and global players

Contribute to the financing of major investment projects

Promote the environmental and digital transitions

Attract international investments alongside the Fund’s interventions


We place environmental, social and governance issues at the heart of our mission, both at the Fund level as well as at the sub-Fund and investment levels, by promoting the highest standards of responsible investment.

We pay particular attention to energy transition and carbon footprint reduction, creation of sustainable employment, especially for the youth, impact on the local economy, inclusion of women, promotion of entrepreneurship, digital transition, quality of governance and management, ethics and transparency.

ESG criteria are implemented throughout the entire investment cycle.

  • Integration of ESG criteria in the selection of new investments
  • Increase financing to ESG-compliant projects
  • Implementation and monitoring of ESG indicators
  • Recommendation for improvement to investee companies
  • Alignment of potential buyers with the best ESG standards