« I have also decided that a strategic investment fund should be set up to stimulate productive activities and support major public-private investment projects in various sectors »

« The State will contribute to this fund, which will be in charge of the streamlining and coordination of other funds »

« To ensure the success of this plan, I call on the Government and on economic and social actors to be effectively engaged in this endeavor, and to show a sense of responsibility as we implement a constructive national contract that should be commensurate with current challenges and live up to the expectations of the Moroccan people »

Excerpts from the Speech of HM The King
on the Throne Day, July 29, 2020

« The economic stimulus plan is based on the strategic investment fund, which I have asked to be set up and which I have decided to call the “Mohammed VI Investment Fund” ».

« I expect this fund to play a pivotal role in promoting investment and boosting our economy »

« In this regard, it will support productive sectors and will finance and provide assistance to major projects within the framework of public-private partnerships »

« To enable the fund to carry out its mission in an optimal way, I have asked for it to be endowed with legal personality and have proper management bodies. I expect this fund to be a model institution in terms of governance, efficiency and transparency »

Excerpts from the Speech of HM The King
to the Parliament, October 9, 2020
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